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Renew your wooden floors in Rainham

                                                                                             The town has a charming early 18th century hall...

Full of beautiful wooden floors!  Your own may dwell in humbler surroundings but are worthy of due care and attention.

When marks and digs have stripped away their youthful beauty, it’s time to call upon the services of a specialist company offering

wood floor repair and restoration:

                                                                                           The Rainham Floor Sanding Specialists!

Here’s what you will receive:

The best advice and supreme expertise from a reliable family firm.

 Restoring hundreds of floors of all types for over twenty years -

Solid boards to parquet and herringbone blocks;

However old or poor in condition.

And here’s what we’ll do!

  • Realign and reset loose boards or blocks.

  • Replace damaged areas with new or reclaimed material. 

If you desire an even floor, we can fill in the gaps

Sand away old paint or sealant.

Our machines leave a superb smooth finish.

And all with minimal disruption and dust

We collect dust from outside each room - so as to ensure

99% dust free sanding!

Allow us to ease the strain by moving furniture - and disposing of old carpets and coverings.

A fresh look?

Staining the bare wood can match your decor.  Or brighten up playrooms, bedrooms and kitchens with a white or pale wash shade.

Renewed protection

Protect your valuable new floor with a fresh sealant:

Choose from -

Natural oil - for a shiny surface.

Hardwax oil - harder wearing

Lacquer - synthetic and ideal for the busiest areas.

A top quality job:

We use only the finest stains and sealants applied to the highest level of workmanship.

Your floor is a valuable investment - so it pays to make sure it will last and keep its looks for longer.

Whether your wooden floor is in the home or a public location - pub, office, school, library, restaurant..,

             Take those first steps towards your new floor -

                                                                                                       Ask us for your FREE assessment today.

                                                                                                     The Rainham Floor Sanding Business!


Rainham Hall was built by Captain John Harle (1688-1742) in 1729.  He began as a coal merchant and made his fortune by importing building supplies.

Although owned by the National Trust for seventy years, it was always tenanted and only opened to the public in 2015.  It has fine iron gates and a doorway with a scrolly pediment.

Inside is a hallway with marble flooring and a handsome mahogany staircase with twisted balusters.

All in all, it a makes a fine picture next to the church - a perfect Norman example of 1170, rare in Essex.

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With over 35  years of sanding knowledge,
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assistance available 24/7

 020 4546 6545

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